Killing wizards And necromancers

Wizards and necromancers who cast undead or skeletons when killed and the magical incantation is interrupted, the skeletons remain active or disappear because their necromancer has been killed?

Cheers Pendragon

Do you mean the spell in Vanguard?
No, skeletons stay once summoned, but not having command models is extra bad news for undead warbands.

In KoW there us no rule linking models together like that, so no. All units stay in the table until routed.
Losing the ability to cast surge or heal makes the undead less effective though.

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we are playing a kow campaign.
we have a house rule that in an undead army a necromancer can transform fallen opponents into undead units and add them to his armies.
killing the necromancer breaks this magic.
do the somated remain active when the necromancer is killed?
what do you think do the sumed undead stay on the table?

I think that if you’re homebrewing things that far, you’re pretty much out in the wilds. And I hope you’re giving the non-Undead armies something to compensate.


Depends on the rest of your campaign rules.

If the other armies also gain units each game then keep them, if not then don’t.

Re the topic title - yes, I’m very much in favour