King Rakhmuns' Empire of Dust

Hello all! Here is where I will be sharing my entire empire of dust army! Like my abyssal dwarves I am presently in the process of touching up all the paint jobs on the army!

Here we have:
My Soulsnare, crewed by the Cursed High Priest Kabash the Renewer! The guards are from crocodile games since this kit I got incomplete second hand!

Then we have The Blades of Shobik, my first horde of two revenants.

Next up are my first horde of enslaved guardians, the Breakers of the Night.

Here we have a swarm, no doubt conjured by Kabash from his pedestal on the soul snare!

Then we have one of the two banners of Rakhmun (my Pharaoh) this one here is The High Banner of the Glorious Day!

And Finally we have my first of two Reanimated Behemoths, The Scourge of the Living!

Ill be uploading more files as I go through the process of retouching the paint jobs! Hope you all enjoy!


Very nice!

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Really cool! It’s about time we see some EoD here! And some rather fiine examples, I must say!


Thanks guys! EoD are tied as my favourite army (with abyssal dwarves) since tomb kings were my first army i ever collected for fantasy wargaming!

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