Kingdom of Men - Mini's help

So I’m taking the plunge and I’ve already ordered of perry mini’s (1400-1500’s kings and war of the roses archers)

I’m looking for some minis for the war engines, does anyone have any suggestions where I could find mini’s for these?


So it depends what you fancy and price?

Wargames foundry have a range of cannons & mortar type efforts, as well as war machine crew.

Nolzurs d&d have a cannon and a stone thrower (plus bolt throwers but probably don’t fit stylistically).

Warbases do MDF war engines - bolt throwers are £2!


Ive just put on new bases order in for warbases, never realised they had these bolt throwers.

ill check out out the other suggestions, I’m going for a very historical medieval England style .

Thank you :slight_smile:

You could also look at cannons from perry/warlord Napoleonic ranges and swap out the crew?

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I just painted up a pair of these, and they look great. Good price, too.

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They do look good :slight_smile:

FYI - those are the nolzurs ones I’d referenced and are nice (esp for the price)

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