Kingdom of men ships

Alright… looking into expanding armada miniature collection, particularly kingdom of men. Since mantic doesnt sell minis for them ive had to look around.

I went to warlord games first, the black seas minis but… listen, those minis are absolutely beautiful but honestly i dont want to have to do rigging on tiny ships. I think I’d get pretty frustrated.

Anyone know of another manufacturer for 1/700 scale wooden ships?

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Just don’t bother with the rigging? I think they also sell 1-peice pseudo-rigging… I think.

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Other models would be Oak & Iron and you find also other scale ships that have the right sizes for the bases (as the original one was smaller) like a 1:450 Galleon fits as XL ship

And if you don’t want to do any rigging, you don’t need to do it

It seemed like from assembly videos that the rigging was necessary for some of the sails

I will look again. And i will alao chexk out the oak and iron line.

Thank you friends for the help

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The easiest solution is just using Basilean ships as stand-ins for Kingdoms of Men. They are already scaled to the rest of the range, and are crewed by humans as well, so I have been using mine as KoM ships just with a note on each base.

Honestly, I much prefer their rules to Basilea, especially Dead-Eye McHardy (!), and given the choice I’ll probably always use my fleet as Kingdoms of Men going forward.

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I swapped out the paper sails for thin plasticard, using the Black Seas ones as a template then just bending them round a pen.

Oak and Iron ships are nice, plus a bit chunkier than the BS ones so scale a bit better, but not as easy to get hold of


Have any of yall picked up warlord’s Xebec and large Xebec ships? Curious how large they are compared to, say, a gur panther.