Kingdoms of men Armada Fleet

Greetings fellow Admirals. I know KoW Armada is new, but I am wondering for the Black Seas conversion pack, which is my first and only current fleet.

What are you guys using for the Gunboat squadrons?

I found through the unofficial wiki what “ideal” ships would be the Conqueror, Warmonger and Instigator, but that wiki shows the Warlord Gunboat squadrons which are round base and you only attache the masts. I know me I will not take the time to cut them from that mold. I was thinking the cutter squadron pack. I know they are not single sail, square rigged, but it is a fantasy game.

I cut up the BS resin gunboat squadron & added a couple of kitbashed dinghies

The cutters should work, as are smaller than the schooner (on a Small base)

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nice, those look good. Thanks for the comment.

Sorry for coming late to the party, but do you guys know of any 16th century ship miniatures in the right scale? The Napoleonic ships that Warlord sells are far to modern for a medieval setting for me.

I’ve seen this lot referenced by Black Seas gamers. Haven’t seen too many direct comparison pics (and certainly none with mantic boats). Probably have similar proportions to the BS ones, so will look a little ‘slight’ v Armada ones

the KoM Cards kind of works to be bought together with one of the Fleets for Black Seas
Conqueror is any 1st Rate
Warmonger a 3rd Rate
Instigator is a Frigate or the USS Constitution
Frigate is a Frigate
Brig is a Brig
Gunboat is any small ship

My solution to the problem with the Frigate being a Support Ship as well as a Main Ship is to cut up the Brigs turn 2 of them into a larger ship, becoming the support Frigate

The leftovers can be used either to add more guns to the large Brig (2nd gun deck in the back and front) or to make a smaller ship that can be used as Gunboat (1 on the base instead of 2)

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Thank you! The Spanish Armada ones seems perfect. just got to get some comparison pictures.