Kingdoms of Men & League of Rhordia- thoughts?

Im really excited to see this second army book. I’m working on a KoM army now.
Definitely adding an Assassin or two.

Yeah, I dont have any faith in a pegasi unit, but a man can dream. I forgot the shieldwall was already shown. Something of a wasted oportunity in my mind, but not really much to complain about.

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Re shieldwall - it is mantic’s default baseline unit and everything gets balanced off that. It was never going to get anything special

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Its going to get Indomitable Will ! :grinning:

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Which is effectively our upgrade - and a really good option. Hope knights get access to it!

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Yeah i was just messing with you. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

I’m thinking nearly everything should get it as an option with only a few exceptions.

I don’t see how an option for CS1 and lower defense, similar to how the FG works, would have any effect on shieldwalls role as a baseline unit to be honest.

But what would be the point of two different units with otherwise identical stats, one of which has the option of de -1 for cs+1?

In effect polearm units ARE shieldwall with de-1 and cs+1

I think you might have misunderstood me. With an upgrade option on shieldwall, we could have removed the polearm unit entry, hopefully opening up a spot for something else.

There isn’t going to be a massive variety of different options, so combining two wouldn’t really have opened things up.

Keeping them separate does allow the RC, if they wish, to tweak any points if they felt the de/cs swap (which has been removed from quite a lot of units) was required. [Generally the lower the base de the more beneficial it was swapping in cs]

This is very much a genetic master list - it makes it very easy/viable for additional stuff to come in in themed lists in clash supplements etc

Anyone get the rules and want to share any changes or anything that stand out to you on the Kingdoms of Men / Rhordia list ?

I’ve started playing KoW again after about a year off and in V3 KoM are much better than they were in V2 imo, even without our new list.

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I really dig the KOM list, and may well be doing a proper huge army of them for my Final Army. IMO best generic item as well (arctic fox is probably my #2)


You have it already? Anything in particular jump out at you from the KoM list? :grinning:
Mine is still in the mail.

I hope a Beast of War with a shooting option is still available. I’d like to use a Steam Tank.

Ah, I meant ‘list’ generically, loads of dudes with a couple very inspiring fancier dudes and a lot of fearless on demand (also war engines). Kin don’t look to be a good match for my schemes - bit too fantastical now - so curious about dialing it all the way back to humies.

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