Kingdoms of Men & League of Rhordia- thoughts?

Im liking what I’ve seen so far. Pikemen look solid. Mounted Scouts are decent. I really like the Assassin !
I haven’t seen the book up for preorder yet though.

What do you think?


I think they look really solid especially with phalanx having a much greater impact. I do like that I saw the keyword Knight so that’s something to look forward to.

Indomitable Will seems nice also. :grinning:

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Special rule looks nice.

If nothing else a one use guaranteed fury/successful headstrong roll, which is cheaper than either item - and really how many times would you really used either more than once?

Hope the ranged shooting infantry hasn’t gone irregular and there is an actual reason to take xbows, the giant will be fairly predicable and hope the beast of war doesn’t get too much of a hit after the c19 buffs.

Interesting to see what (if anything) they do with polearm and militia units (the latter will get a US hit compared to other units).

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I’ve heard BoW is same as Ogre mammoth.

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I hope not. Didn’t Mammoth lose its shooting attack option? That will throw out any steamtank idea .

Yeah I checked. No shooting option. I hope KoM beast is a bit different.

one thing that i noticed is that KoM lost 3 units entirely…
the Spearmen entry lets you upgrade to Pike or Polearm, with stats sorta hybridized between the old spearmen, pike, and heavy pike units.

that “or polearm”, which now is just a alternate look for pikes apparently, means that 4 units are now one entry: spearmen, pikeblock, heavypikeblock, and pole-arms block are all now covered by a single unit entry.

the means we’ve basically lost 1/4th of our old core unit options. which hopefully suggests that they’ve added a bunch of new non-hero options to fill that gap. personally i wouldn’t mind seeing some stuff carry over from historicals, like javelin and/or sling armed skirmishers (ideally with clearer rules than koWH used), Elephant formations, and wardogs. which would go a long way to expanding the “can use historical armies for KoM” concept.

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Where do you see polearm listed in this entry??

The merging of the spear/pike/heavy pike units to one choice with an upgrade is no bad thing (people rarely took two of the three anyway!) and streamlines unit selection/list building/book layout.

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I agree.
I haven’t seen any sign that polearm are going away.
We just have to wait and see.

I would love for Polearms to go to Def 4+

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This is a copy-paste of my reaction elsewhere on this forum; with a few edits:

I started to watch the video slightly sceptical as I feel KoM has been the basline of Kings of War for too long, to be surpassed by most, if not all, lists. The first two unit reveals confirmed my feelings as our infantry remains exactly the same as it was in 2nd edition, while in most other armies infantry either got cheaper or better.

Then I realised it was never our infantry that was a problem. (see my analysis on 2nd edition KoM infantry here ) . Our infantry was always in a good spot; it was other parts of our army that needed some love.

And love they got. 115 points for pistolier mounted scouts that also can exploit flanks? Yes, please! I was at first a bit disappointed at the fanatics as they had less attacks than other armies’ counterparts, but then I saw the point cost: 145 points for a melee 3+/cs(1)/15 attack unit, yes please!

The general on winged beast is a unit that you actually want to take now! 7 attacks @ CS 2/TC1 and less than 200 points? I’d take 2 any day of the week now. It’s fly and nimble on a 50x50 base, which is much better than most armies’ titans! Just compare 7 attacks @ melee 3+ to the RKoUGFW (Revenant King on Undead Great Flying Wyrm) which has almost the same offensive power on a 75*75 for 60 points more!

Switch over to league of Rhordia and things even got better. Just ditch the halflings (hate-em) and use alternative light cavalry models for your halfling knights. Mv8, nimble, TC1 cavalry for 150 points? Yes, thanks! Add brew of strength/bane chant and you got a hitter unlike many others.

Pikemen seem realy decent now too. a 13/15 def 4+ with phalanx and ensnare is realy hard to shift as you’ll need an melee 3+ infantry unit with a lot of attacks to reliably remove it in one go. And it’s 150-ish points, no more. I can see a battle line of these guys working really well. The Perry twins will get some more orders from me if things will work out. I think they work great in tandem with a mage with weakness.

The honour guard being affordable these days is a good change. The change from 24 to 18 attacks hurt, but we still get CS(1), melee 3+ with more nerve than a knight regiment at 40-ish points more.

The battle shrine is indeed a must-have. 150 points for lightning (6) and rally (2) is just too good to drop. height 5 too is great as it can hide behind infantry without giving cover for its lightning barrage.

I just hope the League list doesn’t lose all the KoM infantry in favour of halflings.

And this is all not even considering war machines. I wasn’t particulary impressed with dwarven cannon/organ guns, but maybe KoM guns will be more efficient.

I don’t think I agree with you here.

I’d rather have def 3 and 70 points for a troop than def 4 and 80 points. The offensive power remains the same and that’s why I take them. If I wanted def 4; I’d take a guard regiment.

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Maybe because I played a lot of Elf players in 2nd who would shoot them down turn one even when I tried to hide them (thank god chariots were toned down). Playing non shooty armies def 3+ is fine.

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I played KoM for about 3 months on their intial release and I just couldn’t break my enemies. However, with the Cok19 release I had a blast with them. Baddass - and when I say baddass, Im talkin’ about BADASS.

I played with a Berserker Inf Horde ( only army that can get them) with the Formation for berserker Regiments and the Hero with the extra speed. And gave Haste to the Horde for Spd 7! I threw in 3 Reg. of Cav and 3 Chariots. As well as the captain a Colossal Giant and Peg heroes. Lots of drops and hit really hard. Nearly everything was scoring. Has a few rough matchups but hella-fun to play.

That the Berserker s(now Fanatics) lived through it and can have SPD6 (with haste item) and WCd3! So good. I’m sure the chariots are still in there and may even be cheaper and easier to get in the list. So now just gott keep the fingers crossed for the Captain with Rally2 and that cool redeploy rule! :crossed_fingers:

30 Att hitting on 3+ Nerve -/22 and +2 from Rally from the captain, spd 6+1D3 charge? Hmmm. What auras will we get? :thinking:


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Maybe an AURA from the Fantatic Instigator Hero.

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The final couple of paragraphs will be of interest/concern to halfling heavy players.

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Text below:

Q: Have some units been dropped from the previous edition?

A: Just like with the lists in the main rulebook, we’ve taken the opportunity to look at how we wanted each army to behave, as well as how the game played overall. Some of this involved consolidating similar units into one, some units were removed, but others have also been added. Not all units removed will have gone forever – they may come back in a future Clash of Kings book, on their own, or as part of a formation, for example. Some units were moved out of what is now a Master list and into a Theme – and so some units currently not available may do likewise in some of the Themes we introduce in the future.

Q: Where have all the halflings gone!?

A: There are still some halflings in the League of Rhordia list! However, the halflings are pulling back from the League of Rhordia, and while they continue to fulfil their basic and mandatory military obligations, there is a growing migration back to the shires. Have no fear though, the armies of the shires are swelling as a consequence so you can probably read between the lines (and refer to a previous answer above!) if you are a fan of the little people.

Looking forward to trying out the new assassin in particular, and combining unit profiles was a thing I was hoping for. Would have loved to have FG get the option to purchase phalanx to get a really heavy spearmen option too. Hoping that polearms and shieldwall is combined. A simple option to get cs1 for a loss of 1d, similar to FG, would be great. What I really really wanted was pegasi riders though, but I doubt that will be in the list.

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Pegasus rider units? I seriously doubt it. That’s Order of Brothersister or Green woman or whatever they are called now.
Hero with Pegasus mount option- yeah probably.

Yeah, ^ this.

Shieldwall has already been shown, tacit confirmation that polearm are still in the list and pretty much the only pegs will be for heroes.

Will be interesting to see what our chariots and militia type units look like - plus the range of spells available to the wizard

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