Kings of Vår (Oslo, Norway) 13&14th March

Join the Kings of Vår! (vår = spring)

KoV is a “Bastard GT” which means a day and a half GT.

Friday evening 13th & Saturday 14th of March.
Storgata 32, Oslo (2d6 club)

2300 points

friday 20:00 Game 1 option A
saturday 10:00 Game 1 option B
saturday 13:00 Game 2
saturday 16:00 Game 3

event in Kings of War Norway (facebook)

Pay to sign up!

Member of the 2d6 gaming club, pay here (50 kr)

Non-member of the 2d6 gaming club, pay here (200 kr)

Refund available before March 9th
What does your entry fee buy you? A chance to win the prize lottery, free coffee, and access to beer for shop prices instead of pub prices! Any surplus after expenses will go to the club’s terrain collection which is getting a little worn.

Signed up: