Kings of War- Big Red Rulebook - Tier List

Greetings everybody,

after the first games and the first tournaments, we had a little discussion in our gaming group about the factions and the changes in the Big Red Rulebook.

How would you build up a Tier List at the moment?

Which armys are the big winner and will be at the top of the list, who will be at the bottom and why?

For me, Nightstalker will fall a bit from the top down due to the nervs, but still be able do find their place at the upper mid-tier…

Would realy know how everyone is thinking about this…hopefully there will be some different points of view to discuss :slight_smile:


Done a reasonable job i think of balance.

GAEs seem to be the scary OMG thing, but are still pricy and surge to really work.

In the absence of Caterpillar, any cavalry (often now a touch cheaper) that can get in remains strong. OotGL, SK, herd, Free Dwarfs

If not doing withdraw, square based stuff with nimble (but not fly) is golden.

Some of the anti undead rants are, imo rubbish! Im far more likely to take soul reaver infantry now than previously


After two games against Undead this weekend, I can confirm that ‘nerfed’ Soul Reavers will still tear your face off! Doing ~9 damage to the front of a De 5+ unit is still stupendous, and not far off the ~11 they used to do. My Reaver-loving buddy was surprised that they went down in points in addition to losing attaks.

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