Kings of War Census Survey

Hey Everyone,

Last year a survey was run on Facebook that asked a fairly simple question: What 3 changes do you want to see with the game/this specific army.

This year, we’re expanding the survey to collect a little census data as well as, once again, asking that open ended question.

Keep the answers relatively short (1-2 sentences, we’re not looking for essays and google forms won’t handle them)

This is the perfect opportunity to give feedback on the game, a faction, or propose new ideas for next year’s releases.

You can find the General Survey (covering the core rules of the game) here: General Survey

You can find the first part of the Army Survey (covering armies alphabetically 1-14) here: Armies 1-14

You can find the first part of the Army Survey (covering armies alphabetically 15-28) here: Armies 15-28

Feel free to share to as many people as you know who play Kings of War, through whatever mediums you want, expect to see this post a lot today.

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays


2 out of 3 done - think mostly rational and constructive!


Done as well! That took a while! Hope we can see some of the results.


There were a few times where I felt that it’s not long enough after CoK to have a good idea, but the time frame is what it is.

Yeah, same here with some changes and the TK stuff

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Will the results be shared with the community? I do python data analytics/survey analysis as part of my day job and am happy to help if it would be useful.

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Pretty certain the general feedback got shared previously along with reoccurring themes/comments that arose for individual armies