Kings of War in Birmingham

Hello people,

Is there anyone in Birmingham who plays Kings of War?

Let me know what’s what!

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@SteveDeathByDragons innit??

Cheers Freddo.

Yup there’s a few of us. We just had a 32 player tournament actually! But only a handful from actual Brum haha.

We tend to play out of the rogue traders club in s Birmingham or in our houses at the moment. Looking for a better venue as the one in Walsall just closed. Where are you based?

I’m quite central, in Digbeth. Probably have transport in a couple of months.

Sweet! I’m based in Bearwood.

I’ve never managed to find a venue to play in the city centre, there’s also the October club in Moseley - they play historicals but plenty of tables on a Tuesday (I think).

Find me on Facebook (Steve Hil) and I’ll add you to the Birmingham kow chat group :slight_smile: