Kings of War in Glasgow, Scotland?

I’m moving up to Glasgow in the summer and was wondering if there were many players/groups in and around the city?

Hi Mark,
First off welcome to weggie land, I’m Gofur (pronunced Gopher)
We have a large-ish community of players at the G3 Club about 15 folks and growing.
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I run the Scottish KoW tournament scene and I’m on the board of G3, I run all my events through my page Geekszilla.
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Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Thanks Gofur - exactly what I was looking for!

I’m in Glasgow around Easter, will head along and see what’s going on.

What does the wider Scottish scene look like?

Strangely enough I may be in Glasgow around Easter as well :sweat_smile:

Why strangely, where are you normally?

New York! I’ll be in Sheffield for a music festival Easter weekend, then headed north for a few days.