Kings of War in Shanghai

I’m slowly building a KoW force in Shanghai. Putting this out there just in case.

Any players/potential players in Shanghai then let me know.


I’d love to keep an eye on how you do! We’re planning on moving to china in a few years, and I’m terrified at the lack of wargamers.

There was a paint all the minis episode about gaming in china (since Dan is based in shenzhen), and it was disappointing to hear that all that’s played is 40k :-/

The guy I used to play with left his armies in the US in storage because I spent a year out of Shanghai a while back.

For Kings of War I’m trying to stir up interest. I’m hoping the fact that KoW can be played with abstract counters will get some people to try it.

As for gaming. There are several hundred foreign gamers in Shanghai, and plenty of Chinese gamers too. 40k is most widely played, and AOS. People are interested in other games like Star Wars legion and Frostgrave, it is just finding the time and people.

When I have a few more units ready I’ll try spamming the wechat groups I’m in to see if anyone else is thinking of KoW.