Kings of War Novels?

I have been listening to some recent podcasts (countercharge), and there is ongoing reference to the lore of Pannithor not just in the rule book, but also as the background to various novels. This is a little reminiscent of the Black Library (Warhammer). I don’t see any of these novels referenced on the Mantic website, so my question is… is/are there other sites that review and comment on these novels and any new releases?


ola, yes they’re expanding the background, here are some links.

Mantic, you’ll need to scroll through they’re mixed with other rule books. Books - Mantic Games

dash/28 reviews and fan stories

US Publisher shows new stuff that’s on its way "mantic" Book Results on Simon & Schuster


There are indeed and I can’t recommend them enough.
Mantic isn’t a big company, so the publishing is being handled by Winged Hussar Publishing.

Here’s a Mantic blog on upcoming releases; a little dated, but give you and idea:

Novels so far include:
Edge of the Abyss anthology. A few short stories of mixed quality. An enjoyable read, but not as good as the novels; which are wonderful.

Steps to Deliverance. Story about Basilean Paladins fighting off an Abyssal incursion.
Drowned Secrets. Follows and exiled naiad on an adventure.
Pious. Released with Armada. Age of sail Basliean Navy vs orc pirates.
Nature’s Knight. Order of the Green Lady deal with night-stalkers.

You can get the books on Amazon buy searching for “Tales of Pannithor” or “Tales of Mantica” for the older books.


Thank you @Gerrcinn and @DarkBlack for the great info. I will definitely check these out :smile:

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I read Steps of Deliverance and highly recommend. I’m a book snob… But it’s actually a really good book. Far exceeded expectations.

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I agree. Steps of Deliverance was the first book based on game ‘fluff’ I’ve ever read and it was actually quite good.

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I recommend steps to deliverance and drowned secrets both excellent reads.

It’s good to know that they’re worth the read. I’ve always been a bit leery of game tie in books, but maybe I’ll give these ones a try.


It was the same with me. But Steps to Deliverance was a good read. It’s not ‘Nobel prize worthy’ and still book based on a game, but still. Definatly no waste of time.