Kings of War Wall Art?

Not entirely sure which forum is best, but—

Do you know anyone making Kings of War wall art? We’re redoing our basement and picking out new art for the walls. I’m looking at a bunch of options for our game room, including LOTR, Star Wars, and general boardgame art. Anyone familiar with any KoW artists to consider?


I know mantic have been releasing downloads of some of their artwork as screensavers

Don’t know if these would work as larger prints?

As far as artists these are the people involved in the artwork for the main rulebook, Uncharted Empires and Armada - so could try looking up their stuff?





I’ve had a look around, there’s plenty of LoTR and Star Wars artwork on etsy,ebay and amazon but no KoW art to be found anywhere, dunno if it’s a licensing thing or something.

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That was my experience as well. Lots of other IP, but nothing related to KoW.