Kings of WarThe lost treasure of Atricar chapter 3 : chasing the green thief (FR / ENG)

Lately we found time with friend Nicolas to continue the campaign for the lost treasure of Atricar. So we find, for part of Vanguard, Fengar who set off in pursuit of the orc Durio who came out of a coma and fled with the lute.

For the occasion we have restricted ourselves by mutual agreement on the lists in order to favor narrativity and coherence with respect to the story. So you won’t see any “optimized” listings here.

The game was still very fun and contested. Many thanks to Nicolas for his participation.

Video report on my youtube channel (FR / ENG): Vanguard Le Trésor Perdu d'Atricar Chapitre 3 A la poursuite du voleur vert - YouTube

Text report on my blog (FR / ENG): Les Rêveries de Thalantir: Le trésor perdu d'Atricar - chapitre 3 : A la poursuite du voleur vert