Kings of WarThe lost treasure of Atricar chapter 4 : Attack of the camp (FR / ENG)

Continuation of the mini campaign dedicated to the lost treasure of Atricar. After retrieving the Lute and fending off the undead, Fengar’s team emerged from the swamp to escape their orc pursuers. The dwarves have entered the narrow valley of the Rudak and set up camp at nightfall near this river. However, Kordag’s orcs spotted them and shortly before dawn surrounded their camp, determined to kill Fengar and take the lute from him.

the video report is on my Youtube channel (FR / ENG):

the text report on my blog (FR / ENG) : Les Rêveries de Thalantir: Le trésor perdu d'Atricar - Chapitre 4 : L'attaque du Camp

A big thank you to Nicolas for his participation, the next episode soon.

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