Kings of WarThe lost treasure of Atricar chapter 5 : Warning beacon (FR / ENG

Chapter 5 of the mini campaign of the lost treasure of Atricar. After an appreciable rise in level on both sides, we tackled the sequel. The pursuit of orcs by the dwarves. The orcs lit an alarm fire down the valley to call their troops. Fengar and his companions must stop them.

Video report on Youtube (FR/ENG) : Vanguard Le Trésor Perdu d'Atricar Chapitre 5 Le feu d'alarme (FR / ENG) - YouTube
text report on my blog (FR / ENG): Les Rêveries de Thalantir: Le trésor perdu d'Atricar - Chapitre 5 : le feu d'alarme