Kitty cats for Sylvan elves

I’m looking for suitable models to represent the panthers but I’m coming up short. Not a fan of Mantics offersings and wondering what others are using?

I’ve used GW Gryth-hounds for my Elves in KOW Vanguard, but my elves are all repurposed GW plastic High Elves ones so scalewise/aesthetically they sorta fit. If you are going more natural then what about WIZKIDS D&D Nolzur’s marvellous miniatures (WAVE 6) - PANTHER & LEOPARD?

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My basileans had the same problem, as they too have gur panthers for which the only models come in Vanguard booster packs. As my basileans use GW/Perry human models, I substituted the cats for a pack of hunting mastiffs

They come from Warlord btw.