Knights Templar of the Brothermark

This will be my blog as I work on my new army. It Will be an Order of the Brothermark army with Knights Templar theme.

I ordered a bunch of the great looking models from fireforge games. After having been in corona-quarantine for a week the models are now traveling from Italy to Norway. While waiting I decided to atempt my first flag to be flying above the army.

I found a nice painting depicting Agnus Dei online, and did a drawing of ut with some tweaks on the framing and placing it in a flag.
Here is the freehand drawing:

And Here is the final painting:

Looking forward to start on the models!


Looking forward to the models! You’ve got a project on your hands that can look pretty epic!

Good thing for Brothermark is that your army can also -at a pinch- double as Basilea, which incidentally also fits your theme perfectly!

Work is progressing.


Hi ,
I’ve just got a Teutonic Order KOM together using Fireforge. They make great models. Pity you live on the other side of the world. We could have a crusader war! Nice work on your models too.


Very nice.

I’ve got lots of the sergeant & Russian models from them and they are excellent. Do need to do a crusader army to face off against my fantasy Arab/Saracen one