KoW Armada Unofficial FAQ

Ahoy mates!

This KoW Armada Unofficial FAQ document is a fan made compilation of official rulings made by Mantic Rules Committee, including sources. The document also includes a section of unofficial rulings not confirmed by the MRC.

Download the pdf document here

Some notes: I’ve been doing this for some time now and finally decided to post the document here. My goal is to have all the official rulings in one accessible place.
When it comes to unofficial rulings section these are either rules as written, or straight common sense rulings, that until confirmed by the MRC should be treated as an opinion, rather than official rules. If you decide to follow unofficial rulings, I recommend talking things through with your opponent before the game (or including appropriate information in your event’s rules of participation).

I hope you find this document helpful.
Will do my best to keep it updated.