KoW EasyArmy/Mantic Companion

Think I’m getting about £1.20’s worth transferred?


If you haven’t seen it yet, MC did a walk through of the new app’s builder (and then some):


sounds familiar, my sub was going to renew in November so it doesn’t make a difference to me,

I’ve used Easy Army for years, a long time before Mantic were onboard and Gregg has been amazing. I’m interested in seeing how the new app pans out I feel most will be wasted on me, but as long as the army build works it’s fine for me

Just started the video and it’s looking broadly the same (with some minor extras).

Is there a price (after the free trial) mentioned anywhere?

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Hopefully the free version does everything I need it to, and isn’t functionally incomplete.

The price for a single system subscription looks to more than double (my last monthly payment worked out at £1.86).

It would be good to see an annual price for just the Kings of War subscription.

How does the Mantic app compare to official apps people use for other games?


If You are interested Joe Companion works just check this link:

This is the oryginał site Mantic got.


Free version doesn’t have special rule descriptions and allows you to save 2 lists (tournament lists don’t count to this limit). Otherwise full functionality much like the free easyarmy version.

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Anyone been able to get their Easy Army subscription ported properly? I have signed up and used the easy army code, but my companion app is currently due to renew at the end of the free trial

I guess the plan is end of the year

„ and all user subscriptions will be transferred to the app by the end of the year“ from easyarmy

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Is there a link to the companion app from Mantic’s site?

Edit: Found one at the bottom of this news article: https://www.manticgames.com/news/the-mantic-companion-kings-of-war-and-firefight-math-hammer/

so did my testing on the free version and there is one thing that is annyong and might become a problem later

How the lists are saved at the moment means that every time I just want to try something or lock for different combinations, the list is Auto-Saved at the start and you can never have more than 2 lists

does not sound like a problem, yet I use the list builder as planning tool for purchases and modelling and if I have my 2 list saved, I cannot open another one but need to delete something first
hence if I don’t want to save the list but just fool around, I have to delete another one first and than manually delete the other one before I can start again

a much better option would be to have a save button or auto save in the account settings
so I can decide which list I save and/or have more than 2 list builders open to compare different builds before I save one