KoW in the Australian Summer

So once again it’s time for the annual remelt and repose the models. Is having all the new resin models melt in summer a uniquely Australian wargaming experience?

Each year at this time, all the wings, arms banners and other appendages that are dynamically posed on the these amazing models slowly droop in the heat. Eventually all the soldier have a little lie down on their bases.

So every year I have to get my wife’s hairdryer, put it on Max and reheat and repose before hanging the models somewhere to cool and harden again.

I wish I had taken some pics before I had fixed them all to share. Maybe next year?


That’s wild. Can’t say I have had that problem. :scream_cat:

Not a problem here, but thanks for sharing. I never would have thought about it.

My resin figures won’t melt, but I can’t prime my miniature properly. Way below 0°C the spray paints become sticky and glossy.
Seems like I need a garage and you need a miniature fridge or a repurposed wine cooler!:wink:

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I haven’t had them melt on the table! But they are guaranteed all droopy when they arrive in the mail -
Hot water/cold water.
I would be devastated if one of my paint jobs got bent.

I never thought of that. My only paint issues are that the pots dry up if I don’t store them in the shade over summer.

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Wet pallets a game changer.

That holds true in any climate. :+1: