KoW Masters - You win! (Pic heavy)

Masters, by far, has been my favorite hobby experience I’ve ever had. I had one KoW army… Empire of Dust, that was playable. I struggled with the visuallizing how my army would look on the table.

But! I took a number of photos when I went to Masters in Feb2019. Made great new friends, had too much alcohol, Ate well, and completely changed my perspective on gaming communities. Thanks to Ryan and Mark Cox for running a great Masters this last year.

Here are some of those facinating armies.

Not every army was on display. Sorry if you got missed. All the armies were truely amazing at Masters. Can’t wait to return!

Our WC Masters team has been identified. Proud to be on board again!

( facebook post from WC Team Chair Jeremy Duvall )


All 8 qualifying masters players have accepted their team spots!!!
Full West Coast team heading to Masters for the first time in the history of Kings of War Masters!!!
I’m so pumped!
Thanks so much to everyone who has helped grow KoW in the West!

Jeremy Duvall 250
Scott Holcomb 210
Kyle Timberlake 198
Brinton Williams 175
Anthony Rodgers 157
Dustin Liu 151
Mike Grant 139
Rashad Navidi 125

So For extra credit if your still reading! :rofl:

Outside of my personal performance at masters, I came back with endless ideas for armies.
Creativity was flowing!

One of the ideas I had while I was there was brainstorming Kingdoms of Men in CoK19 with Cyle Pool and Scott Holcomb, which turned out to be a fantastic Army. I built a my KoM out of Dwarf berserker models mainly because of the KoM Berserker horde unit and formation. Such a bad a$$ unit. I played my army that following month on a local game day and it was rock hard. I loved it and fell back in love with KoM. My Buddy Scott also made a Fantastic!!! Kingdoms of Men army with his Pirate theme. Wow.

I’ll be finishing mine once I see how the new KoM List works out.

Masters player, Scott Holcomb, version of Kingdoms of Men.

Throughout this year I built a number of Projects exploring different tastes and mostly ideas on implementing different landscapes. Some of these armies I haven’t even played with nor did I know what landscape was going for what army when I built it.

( Projects motivated from Masters this year )

I have other projects waiting for my attention… Looking forward to many many more games.

Abyssal Dwarfs
KoM ( Reboot )


Thanks for sharing the pictures. There are some really nice armies and ideas there. In particular, the Trident realm display board/aquarium caught my eye.:smiley: I wish the figures themselves would be more visible in the picture but the idea is great on its own.


Seeing how each of the US community regions have somewhere between 20 and 50 tournament players, and most these players have several armies, there are hundreds of armies out there. I feel like Masters is a great way to see the cream of the crop when it comes to the art and theme of the various communities.

Kevin took himself off FB months ago. I dont know how to reach him for more pictures of his fish tank army. I was pressed for time and I couldnt figure out a way for my phone to take better pictures. I looked for a few more pictures but glare reflecting from the tile floor blurred focus in them all.


This is definitely worth watching/reading! Thanks for sharing, there is so much awesomeness in these armies, it’d be a shame if the pics would not be spread around!

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