KoW Napoleonics

Played my first solo game of KoW Napoleonics. Using 15mm figures but maintaining all ranges.
Used a 4’x3’ table British vs French. There is no distinction for the nationalities in this basic version.
Fast game 700pts per side, nice way to kill time.
The game went well it flowed like any KoW game.
Anyone doing the same with Napoleonic?

Big fan of Napoleonics, however I think KoW doesn’t lend it self well to the period, due to lack of rules reflecting Square formation. Which is such a vital aspect of Napoleonics.

The rules I am using does have square formation. It lessens the impact of a cavalry charge.
Though the rules are bare bones it still has the period flavor.

I did try an ECW conversion but was nt really satisfied with it. In periods where its more about fire combat / attrition shooting it does nt feel right for both sides not to be doing damage each turn.

Is there a possibility you can share the rules adaption? I’d love to try!

Here is the link I used for the rules PDF. Please note they are bare bones,
and I am adapting them for more time period flavor trying not to lose the
KoW flavor

and the PDF is listed in Peter’s work