KOW Northern Alliance for Frostgrave

Hi team

This is my second post and last time I said I would post pics of the KOW Northern Alliance figures I got in the startup set that I wanted to use for Frostgrave. Well here they are - some slight conversions using the old GW militia sets and some greenstuff:

Ive kinda stopped playing larger scale games a while back mostly focusing on smaller skirmish type games and last year I got the vanguard start up set - played a few games and now I’m hooked - I especially love exploding 8’s which adds a bit of fun to game play. My pile of shame now includes Abyssal Dwarves, Abyssals, Basileans and the rest of the Northern Alliance figures from the startup set. I also got war in the holds so need to get cracking on the goblins and ratkin also. My son got some trident realms for Chrissy but Ive been waiting 3 years for him to paint up his Bolt Action Japanese so I wont hold my breath in the hope of seeing them on the table top anytime soon!

Cheers and happy gaming/hobby time to you all in 2021



Very nice. They are certainly dressed for FROSTgrave. I’m interested to see the upcoming Stargrave and new figs.