KOW Wild Charge

How does Wild Charge officially work?

Do you roll for 1 unit and then immediately issue a move order?
Example: Regiment of Morax. Needs 13" to charge. I roll d3. I get a 2. I cannot charge with unit and give it a different movement order immediately.


Can you roll ALL your Wild Charges and then decide what you want to do?
Example: Regiment of Morax. I need 13" to charge. I roll d3. I get a 2. I then choose to move my Krudger (who has Bloody Banner) within 6" of the Morax. Now I can charge because of the extra Wild Charge 1.

Declaring a Wild Charge and failing to reach your enemy should count as your movement action. I don’t have my book with me, but intuitively you would move the unit forward 12" on your examples before any other movement orders to other units

Except that you do not have to charge. If you can’t reach, you don’t charge. You do not have to move 10", you only get the extra 2 if you can charge.

So what would you do for a multicharge? Since you can only roll 1 then issue movement. You can never multicharge.

Example: 2 Regiments of Morax needs 13" to complete multi-charge. Roll on first one and get 3. Charge. Now the other can’t charge because you “roll them individually then issue order immediately after.” With your answer, you cannot multi-charge.

(Deleted my comment - realized that was just my interpretation and the rules are actually a bit vague on this.)

The only practical solution is alternative 2. The wording is not good but kinda justifies it. Most importantly, any other solution opens up a huge can of worms…

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Agree that all random WC units should roll to determine charge range right after the first one does so, but before any move order is given to said first unit. All the distances need to be known to declare multi charges in some cases.


There is also the issue of having two units with random WC and two different units you want to charge (in order to block corkscrew charge on the one that gets in)
Is this a deliberate gamble you have to make, or can you roll for WC for the different charges and then decide?

From Dan King on FB-thread; you can roll any or all WC distances before declaring any orders.


How are people finding Wild Charge (D3) in practice?

I think it is a good rule but would probably be better left at Wild Charge (1/2/3).

But that’ s not so… wild :slight_smile:

I like it!