KOW3 How to Play videos


very well explained thanks @FredOslow

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Apparently, i’ve been overly hard on myself with Line of Sight. I’ve been using the leader point, but also the Front Arc as the line of sight. From your explanation, that appears not to be the case.

Thanks, I’m finding these detailed explanations very useful as refreshers (having not gamed for a while now).

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yup, units can see 180 degrees out from the leader point basically. it’s a very common misconception to mix it with front arc. (and to charge/shoot your target must be partially inside both of them)

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Great but what about starting engaged and being within 1" of another enemy as per your question in fanatics? Can i do an order to disengage and end out of 1" of both?

also not being able to “Advance” and “At the Double” after withdrawing seems like an oversight. It’s very weird especially after withdrawing sideways from an enemy in your flank because your front is still totally clear.

Hard to tell, so I added it into the FORUM FAQ

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New video. Added to top post as well.


great videos thanks.

it seems that a lot of the ‘new’ rules added after KoW2 need shaking out.

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These videos are really helpful. They are now my “go to” place for explaining disengage, withdraw, etc., to other players (and to refresh my own understanding!).

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Thank you, that is great to hear! :partying_face: