Kraygors Dwarves

Okay. I’m on. I’ve put The Walking Dead on hold and begun painting my first unit of dwarves.
I have a 1250 point list that has hit the table twice now and these guys held their own in both battles and so earned a paint scheme worthy of Gollochs pride - also being a troop they seemed a nice achievable number to start with.
WIP and hopefully I can get in another session soon to get them closer to completion


Nice use for the skull pass handgunners. Excellent work so far, and agree with you about the usefulness of troops of hand gunners.

I usually ran 2 troops of them and one troop of sharpshooters in my lists

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Thanks @Rusty_shackleford. Sharp Shooters are definitely on my mind for when I expand my force.
I also expect to run another troop of Ironwatch Rifles.
I am hoping to get back to them tonight and we have a public/bank/office holiday this weekend so I may also get a game in.

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I think I am finished…

…except for the basing.
I think I am going to multibase them😁
Ist KoW unit. 1st multibase.