Kuzlo & Madfall tactics

Kuzlo & Madfall… awesome model, but i have questions as to how to use him tactically on the battlefield. Described as An infamous Goblin wizard riding an equally infamous giant lizard, a faster and much more assault focussed caster than the Warlock, with the spells designed to get Kuzlo and Madfall into combat faster, and have an area of effect on multiple units when they do.(.in 1D4Chan) i have to say that for similar points cost, i’d be easily tempted by Magwa & Joo instead, given the Duelist, 7 attacks potentially 14, Mighty and Inspiring to Kuzlo’s 5 attacks and Inspiring Self. Granted, Kuzlo is 5 points cheaper, has regeneration and a slightly better nerve, but he seems a bit of a lone wolf, to be kept away from other friendly units, if at all possible. Question? Is he effected by the Ravenous Lizard rule too, or just any other model within 6"? How do you play this unit, or have you seen it played effectively?

On a rules front, he isn’t negatively effected by the Ravenous Lizard rule - where the unit itself is effected by a special rule it is explicitly referenced (Auras & Inspiring for example).

Lovely model, but falls between two aims with the rules - not quite hitty enough in a combat role and an odd mix of spells in a casting one

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Good to know. As for the spells and general tactical use:- I got a good answer from someone on one of the Fb Goblin pages

He is very good. Keep him away from others. He is there to grab loot or an objective later in the game.
His hex is good early rounds.
His enthral and speed can be of use in the second half.
At speed 8, he also works well as chaff to stop that 300 point.

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