League of Rhordia Conquistadors

Thanks @Gerrcinn. Yes, I can see you might have problems with pikes in the trees and undergrowth. Still, I don’t have that much in the way of woodland scenery (yet) so I can live with any anachronisms.

I am still hoping the forthcoming Wargames Atlantic release is of a comparable size, although the indications I have seen suggest the minis may be closer to the Fireforge historics.

they have two 28mm scales the historicals are slightly smaller and the sci-fi are chunkier (and I hate this term) “heroic”

I do have a lot of their historics already I’ll take some photos of the irish and persians along side your GW plastic spearmen so you can see the difference later on today

Thanks @Gerrcinn, that would be a great help. I can even out some differences by raising or lowering the base height and choosing the best poses, but anything more than about 10% difference is hard to hide.
I have some old Warlord Games metal Spanish pikemen which are only two-thirds the size of the MOM range. They don’t even look right as halflings.

finally got time to go hoking for you

This should give you an idea of what the conquistadors will be compared to your old GW.

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Thanks @Gerrcinn , that’s a great help. The heights look similar, so it’s just that the GW figure is chunkier. Fortunately the WA conquistadors are also fairly bulky so I may get away with it.

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