League Of Rhordia honor guard

I’ll post more pics when they’re painted. Let me know what you think so far!


Looks ace! :slight_smile: Have you used many different bits? :star_struck:

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The riders are certainly a variety of bits - empire knights, some demigryff parts, a chaos warrior(?), empire general pieces.

Nice job definitely.

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That is a really nice looking bunch. Plus a hoard of them is a very powerful unit, so it’s a win win :+1:

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Very well done! I can’t wait to see them painted.

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Thank you! Yeah, there are a fair number of different bits thrown together. The riders are mostly Warhammer: empire knights, empire general, outriders, old dogs of war, and an old metal chaos knight. Three of the hounds are from the warmachine/hordes game, one is a 40K thunderwolf with a Hordes wolf head, and the last two are random off-brand figs.


Looks awesome mate. Great set of kit bash and some nice GS work. Looking forward to the painted version

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Finally got around to painting these fellows! Let me know what you think

Nice! The paint job really brings the conversions together.

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