Lists from Kipper's Melee tournament - 1995+5

Hi All,

Here is a link to the lists: TTT | Kipper's Melee

We’re going to try and livestream the kipper’s melee KoW tournament this weekend on the Victoria Wargaming youtube channel (venue internet connection allowing).

At worst, we will record the games and put them up later.

The tournament is 1995+5, so for lovers of ‘less spam’ should see the kind of lists and gameplay less spam brings.


Some fun looking lists - nothing too awful (which is very possible at that point level) and decent variety of armies.

Have a good event

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Look forward to the coverage! Good luck, have fun!

so much phalanx in that orc list! that’s going to a problem for the elves.

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Thanks for putting those up Bard! Crunching some quick numbers:

  • Average number of drops: 12.38
  • Average total unit strength: 21.75
  • Average number of scoring units: 9.56
  • Total dragons: 7 across 6 armies
  • Total healing sources: 9 across 6 armies
  • Total war engines: 9 across 5 armies
  • Total anti-dragon pieces (spd7+ individuals with a good chance to disorder): 5 across 5 armies
  • Total non-undead shambling units: 10 across 5 armies

List discussion stream in 25 minutes!

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Thanks for all your number crunching Luke!
I was surprised by how few drops many of the armies had. Thought I’d be the low one with 11.

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Scoring drops in particular! We might be in a weird little non-individual bubble??

from what we see over here at our club, it seems average is about 12 drops and 20 US for 2000pts.


Well done to Gareth for Best General! His enthusiasm on stream always makes me smile and he works hard to learn from his mistakes!

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Not to take anything away from Gareth as he played excellently over the weekend and took down Dan Wright in the last round, but Dan Wright technically won best general, he just also won best overall and the tournament was only awarding one trophy per player.

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Don’t read too much into this… sample size is too low to be anything but suggestive and is only being posted as food for thought…

Been crunching the numbers from the Kipper’s Melee results and a ‘toolkit’ metric we can use to analyse lists.

Toolkit metric: Victoria Wargaming

Kipper’s Melee List review: Kings of War 3rd Edition - Kipper's Melee List Discussion - YouTube

Kipper’s Melee Results: Victoria Wargaming

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Yeah but that means Gareth came second right?

Okay, maybe a silly question here – what is this 1995+5 format?

Ya, sure did, he did great

So at 2000pts you can have 3 copies of single warmachine, monster , hero etc, however under 2000pts you can only have 2 copies. So by making the tournament 1995+5, it potentially stops a little bit of spam (no 3x war trombones in goblins), while still being a good size battle at 2000 total points.

Setting the tournament at 1995 like others do would have worked just as well I think too.


But your way we get to keep the Blade of Slashing!

A Probably Pointless Analysis of unit types and results from the Kipper’s Melee Tournament