Looking for a particular miniature

Im looking for a miniature for a dnd game with my kids. Something like a 3 armed undead ogre looking thing (think “stitches” from world of warcraft duskwood quest line). I know there is a wow boardgame but the scale of the desires mini is huge. Any other ideas?

Could it be an Athach you’re thinking of? They’re a 3 armed D&D monster.

nah the Warcraft thing is different

@Nicanor try this Undead Support Pack: Goreblight - Mantic Games

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there’s also


more fabricy but still a nice model

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Yep the goreblight good one @Gerrcinn, why didn’t i suggest that? My goreblight is right in front of me on the shelf staring at me.

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can’t see the forest for the trees…or the undead monstrosity for the stitched limbs perhaps

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It’s the shelf of a thousand corpses, hopefully my deliveries should arrive tomorrow i can start basing them, that’s gonna be fun.

How big is that nasty fellow?

He’s on a 40mm base and is around ogre sized not as big as a warcraft stitched horror but beefy enough