Looking for Druid miniature suggestions

Looking around for some druid miniatures but haven’t settled on anything yet.

I wondered if anyone had seen any good options?

I’m after 2-3 miniatures on foot that look neutral (in alignment), preferably quite feral -without too many human details, like books etc.

Some of the options so far (any thoughts?):


Andrew Cothill/3D Printed Tabletop

Fireforge Games

Privateer Press


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Cadwallon are selling Rackham sculpts again, there are two celt druid ranges in there so the first are the drunes



Good druids are https://cadwallon.com/rackham-confrontation/armies-of-light/kelts-of-the-sessairs-clan

Gripping beast have a nice priest https://www.grippingbeast.co.uk/SPR07_SAGA_Pagan_Priest_Three_The_Seer_1--product--5458.html


Footsore also have a viking priest https://footsoreminiatures.co.uk/collections/vikings/products/gudrund-soultaker-viking-shaman

Studio Minis have an interesting range of month python minis https://www.studiominiatures.com/shop/medieval-mayhem.html


Thanks for taking the time to put those suggestions together. I didn’t realise that Cadwallon was making those minis again.

You jogged my memory - I think I have the second mini (Gwyneth?). Her and the last Privateer Press miniature on my post look like they’d fit together well. I love the other Drune figures but they look a bit too evil in my mind!

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I also like the simplicity of those last two Studio miniatures. Will bear them in mind for future projects - they’re possibly a little too ‘civilised’ than what I was thing of.


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