Looking for players in the Netherlands

Dear people,

Any players in the Netherlands on this forum? Always looking for new players. Willing travel to anywhere in the southern/ middle netherlands or the Antwerp region.



I’m very new, haven’t played a game yet but I have nearly enough painted to start playing. I’m in Rotterdam, I asked around on the facebook group and there’s a few players… but I haven’t arranged an actual game.

There’s a tournament later in the year tho, so I will put these darn undead on the table.


I’m near Utrecht would love to play a game if I ever finish my army. :slight_smile:

Sent both of you a PM. Thanks for replying.

I’m in Utrecht, too! And my army is completely unfinished, too…

We’ll be playing another game in a few weeks (though I myself cannot make it). I sent you a PM.

@Telchar @MistakeNot

Thanks for the battles! Up for a rematch anytime!