Looking for tournament in Germany

Since Clash of Kings has been sold out, the players from the Netherlands are looking for alternatives. (Yep, we didn’t make it to buy the tickets in the 6-hour window). Last Clash we spoke with a couple of German/Austrian guys that it would be grand to have an alternative somewhere between the Dutch and Austrian border in Germany in 2024.

Is there a 2-day tournament in that region that also caters to international players? And if not, is there a TO who is willing to expand a local tournament? If we’re going to travel several hours to a tournament we’d prefer a 2-day tournament with a hotel close by. Of course we’re willing to help running it and/or bring terrain and a couple of battle mats.

We’ve discussed to expand our local tournament in Dordrecht (probably 2nd of March) to a 2-day, but the venue isn’t open on sundays and we think the Netherlands are too far for a lot of players.

I’m no tournament player but I guess you can find tournaments in Germany on this page:

Good luck!

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Nothing in Germany listed there so far for 2023/24. There was a group in the very north of Germany hosting KoW-Events last year, but that was too far of a drive for me and they don’t seem to have anything planned so far. T3 is a rather old site. Maybe they are about to move to the Event-section of the Companion…

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Unfortunetaly Kings of War is pretty much dead in germany. There a few local groups that still play the game but it is really hard to attract more than a handful of players to a tournament.

Most TOs including myself have just given up on Kings of War tournaments. The work to organize a cool event is just to much for so little interest.

That’s hard!

Thanks for the information, though!

We’ve just had a 22-man one-day tournament in the Netherlands, so the scene is actually thriving here. It’s just that we don’t really have the experience and location for a two-day!


two tournaments have been announced in hamburg.


Do you know the info about point size etc? particularly for the one in february.

I can only speculate but previous Tournaments in Hamburg were 2300 Points. I asume it stayes that way.

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