Lykanis & Heroic Artefacts on KoW Army Builder

New player here: trying to make an Undead army list using the KoW Army builder and I almost immediately ran into an issue with Lykanis. I was trying to attach a Heroic Artefact to the Undead Lykanis Hero (which was not previously attached to someone else (in fact this was the first hero I was attempting to build), but the list builder flags this as an error. From the unit entry Lykanis is listed as a Hero (Lrg Inf) and does not have the restricted/unique unit brackets ( such as [1]). I checked the FAQ to see if there were any changes to the red covered Rule Book I have…but I can not find a reason that I can recognize that would disallow Lykanis from selecting a Heroic Artefact. Can anyone please tell me if this is a bug, or if I am missing something. Thank you!

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What item were you trying to add? It doesn’t have individual so many items are not valid.


This ^

Some artifacts will have an extra limitation


Ah yeah that is it. Thanks guys. I was operating with the incorrect notion that ALL non monster solo/Individual models had “Individual” since all the prior I had looked at did. I had checked 3 different heroic artefacts on the builder - the first being the scythe (since I have an old confrontation werewolf model that would be perfect for that) - which has “individual”. The other two I just picked randomly from the list, and coincidentally they both had “Individual” as a requirement.

Thanks again!


I dont believe anything other than infantry/cav heros have the individual rule. Once the base gets bigger than cav they lose it.

Which does have the benefit of the lykanis benefitting from flank and rear bonuses, which can make up for not getting to use the individual restricted items.

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