Mahou Tribe Ogres

After a Trip to Madrid for the Spanish Clash of Kings where I played Nacho Abillo’s Ogre army and the need for a fresh force for the Clash of Kings 2018 in Stockport I settled on Ogres and thus the Mahou ( a popular brand of beer in Madrid , much of which was consumed on the visit) Tribe of Ogres was born , the original 2000 points was painted in 6 Days and conformed exactly to Nacho’s list :smiley: since then many more units have been added until I can field approximately 6750 points of Ogres. I have also painted up several allied Units to match the Army , Rhordian Honour Guard being the first , Ogres riding Big Wolves :slight_smile: . More Units are planned for 3rd Edition but here are some of the Mahou Tribe for you to see :slight_smile:



How did I miss this?

I like your Ogres with shields a lot.
I have one question though, what is the bottlecap doing on your chariots? :smiley:

As they are Mahou Tribe , they collect the empties :wink:

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Awesome army! What units can we expect next?