Making Multi bases

I have been getting lots of questions about how I make my bases so I have shared below.

  1. Cut laminated MDF to size. The laminate reduces warping that can occur when you add wet glue and paint. I always go for “troops size” rather than single bigger formations. That way you have more flexibility for playing and army composition.
    $8AU Buys you enough bases for about 10,000 pts.

Glue on features with PVA. I have a rock-strew board so use pine bark. Makes good rocks. I like the broken uneven ground look. Especially on unruly horde armies.

  1. All cornice adhesive. Plays like plaster and same price but is stronger and dries faster. Comes as dry powder so last forever. Just add water and mix to the consistency you want.

  2. Once dry add PVA glue over the plaster. Leave the bark features exposed. Add sand. I like to use “well-played in sandpit sand.” You know, the kind that has dirt, kids snot and sticks. It has much more variation on n texture and looks better.

  1. Paint. Here are some photos of my painting steps. 3 or 4 shades of brown up to white.

  2. Flock and decorate

  3. Stick on your models with super glue and play!


very nice work, sweet trays