Mantic Companion Army Builder error with counting duplicated units


While building my new Ratkin list I noticed that Army Builder doesn’t seem to count formation units up to the Duplicate limit. The App shows list as Invalid when I put 4 Shredders in it (for 2300pts) but if I put 2 of them as part of Smoke, Mirrors and Death formation it will not show any warnings. Same with other Factions and units from formations.
Whether it’s a bug or formations can bypass the duplication rules?
In the rules of formation it says that the units that are part of them still count in terms of duplicated units so I’m little confused.

Thanks and sorry if this topic has been discussed before - I couldn’t find an answer.


never noticed it before, it does appear to be a bug that you can bypass it through the formation. @mattjgilbert just tagging you for eyes on

It only really affects Ratkin and Abyssal dwarfs, none of the rest of the formations have anything that you can’t spam without breaking the rules.

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It seems to be a bug, I’d say. You can contact the Companion support (a contact form somewhere at the bottom of the page). They will look into it, change it when necessary and contact you again.
I did it twice, they (he?) always answers relativly quick.

Done it :wink:

Thx all for reply - I wasn’t sure is it a bug or a rule trick.


I’ve let Elliott know.