Mantic Customer Support (Positive)

Hely folks,

Not really looking for a discussion, just wanted to share my recent experience and maybe highlight a possible improvement. Not sure if anyone from Mantic browses the forums, but I feel credit where credit is due.

So, over the last month or so, I’ve had to contact Mantic for mispacked models. Both from the Armada range.

The first instance was a pretty simple affair. Bought an Orc Starter Fleet but the prow of the Hammerhand was missing. After a few back-and-forth emails, I received the replacement part in the space of a week. All good.

The second scenario was a bit different. I bought an Empire of Dust Monolith, received the correct box, but found the accessories for the Monolith; 4 statues, 2 catapults & 1 ballista, but the main body, hull and prow of an Orc Ripper Hulk. Again, I raised a case with customer services, offered to supply photos of what I had, and received the Monolith body in a weeks time. However, it looks like I’m still missing the pyramid/tomb structure that sits on the deck. This isn’t a huge problem as I’m planning on owning at least one of each ship; and after a little research it looks like this structure defines the difference between the 2 boats, so a second Monolith box will provide the parts I require, but this is where I can see an opportunity for improvement.

Each time I raised a case, there was no obvious field available to attach photos. Seeing as it was a substantial piece of the kit that was missing and I wasn’t sure what the entire contents should have been, I provided a description of the contents of each bag from the box. I fully expected a request for the photos I initially offered and I wonder if this may have made their job easier?

On the plus side, I’ve scored the main gubbins of a Ripper Hulk. Ok, so it’s missing masts and sails, but Orcish craftmanship should allow me to try and make my own in some fashion without affecting the overall aesthetic of the model. I did offer to return the parts, but no mention has been made.

All in all, a positive experience.


My few contacts with Mantic’s customer support have been quite positive. The last was the replacement oft the League of Infamy box (just the box, as it was damaged) and a missing tail on the Ratkin thief in LoI. They sent me a new box and a new Ratkin model quite quick. I attached photos, as I sent an E-Mail and didn’t use there form on the homepage.


Yeah, good customer service from them in dealings. I’ve emailed direct with pics etc where probs

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