Mantic Drakon Riders Horde, full model count!

Now that’s a rather large milestone for me :blush: Started painted them almost a year ago (give or take a few weeks), but now they are finally done! :partying_face:

I really liked painting them as well. Lots of detail and resin is easy to work with. Wish there was a larger Dragon Model in this style from Mantic as well. But anyways, here goes:

Not sure when they’ll hit the table, now that the little one takes lots of my time :baby: :blush:, but I’m very happy to have them finished either way :wink:


They look awesome!

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Thanks @KptKeno ! :blush: Not just my doing though, those are really nice sculpts! :wink:


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Amazing work. Great watching your progress over the year.

Looking forward to tackling these miniatures myself at some stage.

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Splendid work

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