Mantic HQ - discount and mantic points questions

Hi all,

Questions for those that live near Nottingham and/or work at Mantic, sorry everyone else, though maybe someone else is interested in the answer too?

  1. Is there any in-store discount? Obviously online retailers often have 20% off and Mantic online store doesn’t (I assume incentive for online retailers to stock mantic without you undercutting them!) is that the case in-store too?

  2. Mantic points - I have a load of mantic points to reclaim and was wondering if, instead of posting them, I can bring them to the store and pick up mantic points models in person? My folks live near Nottingham so I am nearby occasionally, but would need to plan to bring stuff to do this!


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I can answer your first question, no. The prices in the shop at mantic hq are at full retail

As to question two, I’ve been at a doubles event at hq in the past and our opponents had arranged to cash in all their mantic points at the event. Not sure if they still do this though.


The folks at Mantic do read this forum from time to time (@KirstenTiger ), but for a speedier replay, maybe contact them directly through the contact details on their website:


Yeah you can bring your points down, I don’t see why not. Pop in and say hi.

So long as we’re open and people are in, obviously :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome, I’m in Nottingham next weekend but probably won’t have time to pop across (apparently my brother’s 40th is more important!) but am down for longer later in the month. I’ll try to remember all my points to take with me!


Another question as we’re still in this.

I understand from someone (probs on this forum, but could also be I heard it on a tournament) that exchanging mantic points is a bit of a mess due to brexit. Is this so? And if so, what’s the best way to go with this?


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My last order went through fine without extra charges, so might be (hopefully) all good now @Vince . :slight_smile: Only difference with Mantic points is that you’ll have to mail the points in … anyone got experience with that?

The couple orders before is where UPS charged an arm and a leg on top of the order cost, but as I understood Mantics statement that should be a thing of the past now.

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Greath, thanks. Will dig out the Mantic points one of these days.