Mantic Ratkin

They do look a bit chunky, however it is nice to see Mantic make models for these.


That breeding-altar-thing looks interesting! :slight_smile:

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Looks almost like a rat king.

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Great to finally see some fantasy bits and muted colors on the Vermyn, fantasy ratmen on an army scale are very rare outside Skaven. While I applaud the efforts single basing all those minis and getting them to rank up, these units would seriously benefit from some multi-basing :sweat_smile:

are these official models that are coming, or just someone’s kitbash example?

Official Mantic miniatures by all accounts. Think they are using Vermin with an upgrade sprue.

Not impressed. They look way too similar to Veer- Myn. Aren’t some Orcs with added bits? Could have been a lot better. But at least Skav…er …Ratkin players will be happy. Though i think the army should be made different instead of a copy of GW. The original idea was to allow WHFB players to come to Kings of War. Now is an opportunity to change it up and make it original.

These were done so we had some models to paint and photograph for the Uncharted Empires book. We will release them as a web-only option for people that want to buy them. They are mostly veer-myn bodies with orc arms. Nothing new has been created here.

They are just a temporary solution for the ratkin.