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Hi everyone! Clément here. I’m co-hosting a podcast called the Mantic Universe Podcast with Chris. We talk about all things Mantic: KoW, Firefight, Deadzone, Armada, Vanguard… in a mix of hobby, battle reports, latest news (including some pretty hot stuff like review of the as of today upcoming Big Red Book in our episode 7!), and discussions between two friends! We usually do one three hour episode a month.

Listen to our episodes on your favorite podcasting platform (search for Mantic Universe Podcast), or check out this link directly:

You can reach us on facebook (Mantic Universe Podcast | Facebook), check our additional content on our blog (, or ping me here!


Nice, going to give it a try! Thanks

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Great :slight_smile: Let me know what you think! Feedback is always appreciated.

Also we have a “questions from listeners” segment, so we’re always happy to discuss anything you folks send us!

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Almost through! Wow, 3 hours is quite the marathon. I’m going to listen to the rest next time I paint something. I liked it so far, especially, that you cover all (most?)Mantic games. I also like that it’s more from a casual gamer’s perspective. CounterCharge is a nice podcast, but it’s very focused on tournaments and competative play.
Keep it going, I’m on board!

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Hello! Chris here, the other half of the Mantic Universe Podcast. Clem mentioned he had posted something here, so I thought I had better sign up to the forum and join in.

There is an idea, on the Pod to cover all the games, (I have walking dead, dungeon saga, star saga etc) but we only talk about the things we are currently engaged in.

Feedback, very much appreciated! and please come and join us, on Facebook (“Mantic Universe Podcast” group). We will do more hobby hangouts soon, that are at a time (hopefully!) workable for people in Europe.

Thanks all



Welcome to the forum! Nice podcast, I’m in for more episodes. As for facebook groups…nah…not for me.


FB is not for everyone (and actually, it’s not for me either) thanks for listening! if you want to get in touch, you can hit us up on

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Welcome to the KOW forum @Clem & @Chris !
I have granted you both the Podcaster badge! :smiley:


(Actually, @Clem 's been on here since the very beginning, just wanted to include both in a post) :nerd_face:

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cheers Fred! If you fancy coming on the Pod, anytime please let us know!

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