Mantic Vault

There will be live stream later about ‘The Vault’, but the page is already accessable. It’s basically Mantic’s STL store for all you 3D-printers out there.


Linkt to the live stream (20:00 CET)

That’s about what I was expecting from the announcement. People gotta stop pressuring me towards getting a 3d printer!

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Why don’t succumb to the pressure and print me lots of stuff!:wink:

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Heck, that would probably be safer than me printing stuff for myself. I got too many things.

The first set is far more enticing than I expected:

Orcs are my armada fleet and my buddy is doing RFO but trying to swallow the price tag on three hordes of Hellstrikers, plus is converting his RFO to have two hammers so they can double as Morax. Crazy timing, Mantic, I’m in.


Hellstrikers are promising.
Stls instead of expensive resin sounds like a great idea.

Update: Just bought in (for £‎3.99 early bird), can report that nothing is presupported :confused: This limits how much I’ll actually be printing, as I’m not great at pre-supporting, but assuming you’re interested in that month’s armies / games the value is pretty intense. Going to rack up some axes for my buddy and have a go tonight.

Also happy to have the Marauder sniper goblin, I was just wondering where/when that was released!

I’m not a 3d print user but doesn’t a lot of the presupported technical stuff vary depending on how/on what you are printing models?

Even with some faffing about, it seems good value?

Wow, the resolution on these are high; over 150K triangles in the smallest of the sail pieces and well over a million on the hulls. I wanted to combine the pieces into one model before putting in supports and had to go through three editors and two slicers before getting to a reasonable break even point.

After getting a single piece Gur Panther together and resized it printed successfully, (I can barely assemble the regular size sails and was not going to try that at under 50%) and with the level of detail of the original I can also easily see scaling these up five times or so for a filament printer to use as a terrain piece in Kings of War.

So did I get this right that they will release their resin stuff as STL s but not their platsic kits? Would make sense to not completely cut off sales for these products


By now it is Resin models only and maybe some PVC models that are not yet available in Resin

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I should have read the announcement :slight_smile:

“Is it the whole range?”

“This is a new way of having many of our previously resin-exclusive sculpts delivered to your 3D printer with the click of a mouse. The Vault isn’t replacing our hard plastic sprues, which are already widely available from our brilliant retail partners both online and offline…”


Looks like that’s the plan.

Ronnie made it clear in interviews that resin is a pain to make and therefore expensive for customers.

I think it says a good thing about Mantic that they cared to solve the problem and that they dared to use stls as a solution.


You’re not kidding, these are pretty huge files! I working on combining the first Helstriker still, misaligned a wing and had to start over. Will be worth it tho, I got into 3D printing so I wouldn’t have to clean mold lines and GS gaps on every model, so why not remove some gaps? I can only print one Helstriker per plate anyway so :man_shrugging:

Also I printed the sniper goblin last night. Will prime and snap a pic later.

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With the new group of stl releases for June, there are different supported versions available for printing, the first I tried was a Dwarf Fury…

…I was pleasantly surprised by their supporting, and had no problems detaching them from the build plate, and did not see any issues with printing artifacts. I was against presupported models in a recent guest spot on episode 83 of the Man Battlestations podcast (link below for anyone interested) but in my defense it was recorded before the presupport options for the Mantic Vault were announced, and I can say that I was not correct. These were well worth the effort and I plan on using Mantic’s presupported versions going forward.


Thanks for the update and for reporting on the support success! Good on Mantic.

Thinking about doing some re-sculpting on the Ratkin Impaler we just got, to cover up the embedded Nightmare (?) and then hollow it out. I really love the trencher design but have never cared for the critter stuck in there.

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