Mantic Virtual Open Day 2020

Maybe someone can gather info for those who can’t watch it all, during the day. Thanks in advance!

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I am just watching the Armada presentation and a few samples of new fleets were shown:


it’s going to be uploaded later on, but as far as Pannithor goes,

December Goblin releases, mtd chars and luggits
March/April Ratkin releases Vanguard and Kings
June/July Salamander releases Vanguard and Kings

Something every 2 months for Armada, supplemental book as well has been talked about for it but not sure where it fits in the order.

In case people aren’t on Facepage here are some Rob based updates, starting with Drakons


Brood Daughter


Master Scurrier

Death Engine

Demon Spawn Scududududughgiwektghlsahglant (I may have keyboard mashed there)




Mutant Rat Fiend

Ass End


Looking forward to getting a regiment of Luggits I have 2 models already but at £25 for 2 models…it’s a bit steep for 20, so I’m currently proxying with shield breakers… Not ideal. Hopefully the new release will be a lot cheaper. the mounted Goblin characters look good too, Hopefully, they will make some goblin chariots soon too…

Ratkin look a bit too modern for my taste, but interesting ideas.

Duel use for a number of the models with Deadzone

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Looking forward to the Salamander release. I did not expect them to be roman inspired:


yeah exciting times, did you see Luigi sculpting the tyrant?

The Salamander and Drakkons are wonderful. Will be getting those for sure.

Birthing Daughter

Death Engine + Scud are great, MRF is rock solid (and fits on its base!!!), fan of the Daughter and frankly all the new rat stuff. Lots of nice sculpts across the board - while I don’t love the b&w shots of the sallies here, I do like that Mantic hasn’t gone Aztek again like the vast majority of lizard armies.

I was so close

For those who missed the live Open day, the video is now awailable at youtube:

In addition, brief summaries are appearing at the Mantic blog:

Personally, I am not a fan of the ratkins that are a bit too futuristic for my taste but I really like how the salamanders are shaping, in particular the tyrant model:


WHOA I missed that that lovely tyrant sketch is finally becoming an equally lovely tyrant sculpt!!

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Those ratkin sculpts are oh so good – I can understand why people feel that they’re out of place, however.