Mantic webstore - incomplete?

As a few folks here are pretty close to Mantic themselves, I wondered if anyone knows whats happening with the Mantic webstore and when it’s likely to get updated?

Right now there are lots of KoW models I know of from their old site or other stockists etc that aren’t shown on their store, eg: the Giant, Orc on Slasher etc.

Doh! I just found that they ARE there, but the pagination isn’t shown. So it says “showing 9 products” on the first page, but doesn’t display there are 2 more pages for example…

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Yeah. I dont like the new set up at all.


I went there to download the Vanguard rosters… Such a frustrating experience, never actually got them downloaded before I gave up. IMO their new page/setup is crap… :exploding_head:


I think they need to adjust their webshop/wordpress settings. It might have “show 9 items” as a standard number. If they increased the number or unchecked it to show all products, that should help. @mattjgilbert


Yeah, current webshop is a bit of a mess. Placed an order the other week (the new book and all) and spent 15+ minutes doing so.

I reported it to the Mantic team and they said they’re working on it.


There’s a similar problem with the large photos for each product. Often it looks as though the gallery for a product only has one picture, but tabbing sideways reveals new ones. Definitely needs some work.

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They seem to have solved the speed issue. (at least for me) so kuddo’s on Mantic.