Mat size?

So the paper one supplied with the game is rectangular, the deluxe one sold by Mantic is square and the scenario diagrams show a square one.

What should I be using for a standard size game?

the 3x4 paper mat that comes with the game is fine for pretty much all of your games it’s what Warlord designed the game for originally, the 4x4 gives you more room to manoeuvre if you feel you need it, either is fine for most games.

If you fancy fielding big fleets go straight to 6x4.

But the short answer is either for small and medium games

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Cheers, that clears that up!

Matt is about 5’7 I think.

oh, you mean a sea mat…


I thought he was taller than that


People look taller besides miniatures!:wink:


are you talking about Rob?

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